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Rare Coffee Subscription

Rare Coffee Subscription

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Living in Panama allows us to sample some truly unique coffees. But with this coffee country being so small, production is very limited. Many farms produce micro lots of only 25-50 lbs of coffee, which we always had to skip, no matter how delicious. We have created this Rare Coffee Subscription to allow us to share those coffees with you.  

We will take you on a monthly journey with a different coffee each month. We will rotate through coffees like super high elevation geisha, crazy fermented catuai and honey, and natural and washed processed coffees. We will share the story of each coffee, whether we had to ride into the indigenous reservation on horseback to get it or walk out of our backyard to the neighboring coffee farms around us.

If you love coffee and want to experience something new each month, we think you will love this…

*Subscribers will be charged each month on the date they signed up for the subscription (i.e., if you signed up on January 2nd, you will be charged on February 2nd, March 2nd, April 2nd, etc.)

*Coffee will be shipped from Stowe, VT, 1-3 business days after receiving recurring payment.

*Subscription can be canceled at any time 


*Orders placed now are estimated to ship from Stowe, VT in 1-3 business days

*Orders outside the USA may take longer


3.5" wide x 11" tall

How to prepare

Starting Brew Ratio

- 1 part coffee to 15 parts of water (Apply this ratio to whatever brew method you use. Adjust ratio to taste).

- Choose the appropiate grind size for your brewing method & grind just before brewing.

- Heat quality filtered or spring water to 200 F.

- For cold brew: use 4 oz of coarsely ground coffee per quart of water.

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  • We bought this coffee directly from a farm with a handshake. Before roasting, every single bean is hand selected by our team to ensure only the best quality beans end up in this bag.

    Then we formulate a roast profile to accentuate the coffee and roast in micro batches, 4-5 pounds at a time.

    After one last hand selection to remove imperfect beans, we bag up the coffee by hand and ship it from our little roastery to you.