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The Morning Movement

City Lights Coffee Bag

City Lights Coffee Bag

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*Roasted to order and shipped within 1-3 business days of the date purchased.

*Orders outside the USA may take longer 

300 Grams

Type: Arabica

Varieties: Catuai, Typica

Roast: Medium

Farm: Doña Eira Estate, Panama

Growing Altitude: 5,400' Elevation

Tasting Notes: Brownies, Toffee, Cacao


*Orders placed now are estimated to ship from Boston, MA in 1-3 business days

*Orders outside the USA may take longer


3.5" wide x 11" tall

How to prepare

Starting Brew Ratio

- 1 part coffee to 15 parts of water (Apply this ratio to whatever brew method you use. Adjust ratio to taste).

- Choose the appropiate grind size for your brewing method & grind just before brewing.

- Heat quality filtered or spring water to 200 F.

- For cold brew: use 4 oz of coarsely ground coffee per quart of water.

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  • We bought this coffee directly from a farm with a handshake. Before roasting, every single bean is hand selected by our team to ensure only the best quality beans end up in this bag.

    Then we formulate a roast profile to accentuate the coffee and roast in micro batches, 4-5 pounds at a time.

    After one last hand selection to remove imperfect beans, we bag up the coffee by hand and ship it from our little roastery to you.